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eBIZ.COM (P) LTD is a noida based educational organization, which was incorporated with ROC, Govt. of INDIA on 8th day of June, 2001 vide Certificate Of Incorporation no.u72200DL2001PTC111183 under the companies act, 1956 (no -1 of 1956).The prime objective of the company is to make masses of the world computer literate. The patriarch of the company , DR.PAWAN MALHAN is a renowned educationist of India, who brought several reforms in the educational system of India, serving as a DEPUTY DIRECTOR with ASSOCIATION of INDIAN UNIVERSITY for more than 15 years. He floated the company after 8 Years of rich experience worldwide in network marketing. Realizing the fact, Internet is the powerhouse of information, and the world is shifting for industrial economy to information economy, EBIZ took initiative and introduced concept of e-learning, EBIZ started its online operations on 25th June, 2001. DR.PAWAN MALHAN gather the facts out of his experience that more than 90 % Indian masses are still illiterate in computers because of several reasons-
Lack of money
Lack of time

The online education offered by eBIZ is actually the solutions of above mentioned problems: whereas thousands of associates of eBIZ are working hard in different parts of country and abroad to spread awareness about the growing need of computers literacy. Today computer education and literacy go hand in hand. eBIZ offers Five educational packages: For More Information about packages please


For more information about eBIZ.COM you are requested to visit: www.ebizel.com


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    Founder Of eBIZ :: Dr.Pawan Malhan Sir

    Worked for more than 15 years in one of the prestigious educational institutes in INDIA, which is engaged in various educational activities in the country. During this period he helped many research projects in the field of higher education. After thorough study in 1996,he entered in the field of MLM in Canada and subsequently made a name for himself in that field. He has helped hundreds of Families in USA,Canada and India to acquire phenomenal success. He has proved himself to be a proven leader of MLM industry. He Believes the way you conduct your business should be no different from the way you conduct your life. The rules for maintaining a successful business are really not that much different than the rules for living a successful LIFE.Responsibility,integrity,the proper prioritiesmforethought,geerosity,an openness to new ideas and most importantly, optimism are the foundations for a fulfilling and rewarding life, as well as the corner stones to a full filling and rewarding business. His mission is to help people change their lives and fulfill their dreams.' it is always better to light a candle than no curse of darkness. Success is the sweetest revenge in the world. He always says,' Sincere ,honest efforts and belief in God gives everything in LIFE.'


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    The www.ebizgk.com contains the General Knowledge test which is designed to measure the knowledge and competencie necessary for every human being to progress in life.


    eBIZ.com is your key to harnessing the power of the Internet. This Unique and Revolutionary model allows you to Learn and Grow. We are on the mission to Educate the masses. eBIZ.com presents an opportunity that will not only quench your thirst for Knowledge and Education, but will bring you face to face with the vast powerhouse of Information and Opportunity.


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